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Interstellar Movie Scenes

One of the most gripping science fiction films of recent years, Interstellar features an ensemble cast of amazing characters, excellent script, and one of the best opening sequences you’ll ever see in a science fiction film. With an interesting plot, and brilliant cinematography, it’s no surprise this film won the viewers’ hearts. However, even with the brilliant screenplay and fantastic visuals, some of the better moments in the film get left out because the story is too short. I’m not complaining, though, as that short length works in the director’s favor. Because of its condensed nature, the film picks up near the end, and provides a decent ending for an otherwise forgettable film.

Interstellar Movie Story

The plot of Interstellar revolves around a newly discovered human species called the Travelers. They arrive on earth at the edge of a wormhole, which is similar to the holes humans usually go through but are smaller. There’s also another species called the Replicators who also live in wormholes. When the two races meet, they must work together if they’re going to survive the dangerous circumstances they encounter on the planet.

Based solely on a sci-fi premise, the film takes itself somewhat seriously, especially early on when things seem unsure. The majority of the movie is spent exploring the reasons why all of these people came to the same place, as well as what will happen to them if they should face danger. It’s a tale told slowly enough so we can understand what’s going on, yet quickly enough so we can anticipate something exciting when the plot progresses. And while the movie does drag at the beginning, it builds up enough tension to keep the audience interested. In addition, the pace picks up near the end, and the final scenes are thrilling and very moving.

What makes the film very likable is the complex relationship between the main characters. Johnestic is a wealthy and honorable trader, while Anne, another of the characters, is struggling with her own identity and faith. While there are moments where the two struggle to see eye-to-eye, the two eventually learn to work together. This makes the film very humanizing, especially for those who have been in similar situations before.

Interstellar Movie Review

The film employs a lot of visual effects to make up for the low budget nature of the production. Most of the scenes are extremely well-lit and contain a realistic feel to them. This helps the film to remain interesting and believable, despite having great visuals. What’s more is that the effects aren’t overdone but are realistic enough to provide a sense of reality

Perhaps one of the strongest components of the film comes from its score. The score provides the perfect touch of emotion, bringing life to many of the scenes. composer John Butler offers an incredible variety of songs, providing the perfect balance of musical mood. Combined with the visual effects, the score adds to the overall intensity of the film.

However, some may find the climax of the movie a little too melodramatic for their tastes. Although the climax is intense, it is not over the top or unrealistic. Instead, the climax is handled quite professionally by director Matthew McConaughey (who also directed and co-written the screenplay with Anne Hathaway). Although the movie has some strong characters, and some beautiful set pieces, it is ultimately just another sci-fi adventure. It doesn’t try to make any artistic statements, and it doesn’t try to tell a story.

Overall, Interstellar is a fine science fiction film. It isn’t the best movie of 2009, nor is it likely to be the best science fiction film of 2010. However, if you’re a science fiction buff, or a film student, you’ll probably enjoy this movie. If not, you probably won’t even bother to watch it. But either way, you definitely have to check this out!