Justified Series Reviews – How to Find the Best Justified ..

Justified Series Reviews – How to Find the Best Justified Series Episodes

Justified Series by Kevin Dunn is a Western-themed book series that was released in 2007. Justified is set in a world where good men do bad things and are rewarded for it. Deputies, police officers, and sheriffs are just some of the various law enforcement agents that help to keep the law and order. They also have their own unique ways of enforcing justice, setting them at odds with those who break the law.

In Justified, a character named Raylan Givens is assigned to the prestigious Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) after his stint in the military. The new position is risky and he must prove himself more than ever before. He also has to deal with the volatile emotions of a hotheaded, arrogant young attorney general who wants to make the war on drugs even bigger and more vicious. The series continues with the Bad Boys Band, a drug ring that gets loaded and runs ramped. An intense shoot-out follows, and Raylan is there to lend aid but things go from bad to worse when the boss of the boss turns against him.

Justice Series Story Line

Justified offers a number of twists and turns throughout the series and it’s best scenes are those where the antagonist is revealed to be good. The series is full of memorable characters, all of them great to watch and often funny. Chief Brodie has a strong sense of fairness and his tough stance towards those who are not properly governed is endearing. John Hartley, a minor character, is a good guy who happen to be on the wrong side of the law, but this is only because he doesn’t know any better. Jake O’Brien, another of Justified’s major players, is a much likable character as well.

The main storyline involves the clash between a man wanted on drug charges and the authorities trying to bring him to justice. Justified has a number of different elements working for it. Chief Brodie and his tough negotiating skills to keep the pressure on the outlaw and the pressure on the authorities. Jake O’Brien tries to balance his familial duty and desire for a good job by joining the investigation of one of the most ruthless criminals in the city. One of the best supporting characters is David Addison, a rising star on Justified who also happens to be the most dangerous criminal in the show’s timeline.

Complex is the KEY

The writers have succeeded in creating a complex story line that keeps the viewers engrossed. The story line takes place in an already volatile area of the country and it is interesting to follow the different events as they unfold. The best scenes are those where the criminals are revealed to be good, and this is what Justified offers through the first five episodes or so.

The show is similar to many of the television shows that you would see; it mixes a bit of fiction with reality. However, Justified differs from other shows because there is a bit more substance than just having criminals solving problems for the police. If you enjoy crime and law enforcement, this is definitely one show you would want to check out. The best scenes in Justified are the ones that show the intricate details of the crime and how it is solved by the characters in this series. In addition, the visual storytelling and acting performances are top notch.