Ranveer Singh filmmaker S Shankar team up for ‘Anniyan’ ..

Director Shankar one of the two lead protagonists in the new film of Ranveer Singh. The film is directed by S Shankar, who is well known for his work in Hindi movies like Baahubali, Apne, etc. The new movie of Ranveer Singh has a lot of promise in the field of film making. In fact the producers have already started shooting some of their old films to give them a new look.

The story of the movie begins in 18ischamphorshire a city in India. There is a small town called Dharamshala located in that state which is the headquarters of Dharamshala regiment which is famous for its brave fight against the British for a free India. Ranveer Singh is a young prince who was trained by his father to be a soldier. But when he was given the command to go for a reconnaissance mission in the jungle, he got separated from his father and joined the expeditionary force. And here he had to face many difficulties and the whole movie was shot in the dense forests of the sub continent.

S Shankar has written the script of the film and he has already shown some of the footage of Ranveer trekking in the forests of Bhaisasar. The story line is based on the life of Ranveer during his early days. The story shows that he went through many hardships and also faced many victories and came out as a true warrior. The film will be so gripping that even non-fans of cinema will find this movie worth watching.

The story and the acting in the movie have been done by Sushmita Sen at her best. She has done a superb job and given a completely new dimension to an already popular character. The music too is new and has made the movie a hit. They have done a fantastic job and added a little thrill to the otherwise ordinary story.

Ranveer Singh: The Wrath of The Lost King is sure to be a big hit. The first installment was very successful and this will be the sequel. Shankar has already expressed his desire to make a three more films after this one and if he gets his way he will produce another four more in the near future. He is busy with other projects and has decided not to do any more sequels of his previous films. But fans of the film will be up in arms about this decision and will demand for another while he is away from the screen.

The special effects and the special suit worn by Ranveer were innovative and they have left a strong impression on viewers. The special effect was not easy to achieve on the small screen but the director managed to make it look real and that too quite brilliantly. The special effects have been used in all the Ranveer movies till now and they are never missing. Fans have also been discussing whether the new ‘Mansa’ costume which is meant to be the favorite dress of Ranveer, will be seen in the film. Only lovers can say for sure but one thing for sure, Ranveer will continue to be a hot favorite among film lovers and people who love comedy as well.