The City of God Movie Best Scenes and Review..

City of God Movie Best Scenes

City of God is one of the most talked about films of the last decade and well worth the time to get caught up in the hype. In the economically-Grundy poverty-ridden favelas of Rio de Janeiro at the time of the movie’s release, two young men take different paths. Rocket (Pequino) is a passionate, talented young photographer who photographs the escalating drug-related crime rate in his neighborhood. Jose (Josua Felipe Lima) is a young hustler who uses his illegal profits to buy and sell drugs on the streets.

With City of God, Joaquim De Los Rios has given us a fresh take on an old story. The movie isn’t so much a crime thriller as it is an epic soap opera. City of God has many memorable scenes, but one scene that stands out more than the rest is the climactic “fight” between Rocket and Knocked out on the sidewalk as the camera follows them both through the darkened streets. It makes City of God one of the best anti-drug movies ever made. Here are some of the City of God’s best scenes:

The drug war in City of God is the main storyline. As the movie goes on, we learn that Knocked unconscious on the sidewalk, Rocket watches from across the street as his rival kidnaps Knocked’s partner and searches for a place to hide until the cops arrive. Rocket then returns to his hiding spot and snatches out the life of the man he was supposed to babysit. But when the dealer’s son arrives, the police are not far behind and are about to arrest the son of the man they are searching for. This is City of God.

City of God Movie Review

When the son of the drug lord threatens the babysitter, she calls the police and the movie begin. As one character states, this is no longer City of God. As soon as the son of the drug lord is about to be arrested by the cops, Rocket appears and kills him and frees his pregnant girlfriend. Then he goes after the boss and is nearly killed there as well.

The plot of the movie also includes a character named Diego. He is the boss of a local drug ring. Like most of the characters in City of God, he is very mean and cruel. He tells Knocked to get out of town or else, he will kill her baby. He also threatens to send her mother to an overcrowded and dangerous prison camp if she doesn’t leave him alone.

The movie takes place in City of God, a drug-trafficking hub situated in what is known as the City of God. City of God is located on what used to be the Arraba de Soufriere island. There are many drug labs and brokering operations that are located there. Some of the drug labs have been destroyed but others continue to manufacture illegal drugs. The most powerful and well-known of the drug lords is named Boss. He is also the head of a criminal organization called the Triad.

The story begins with Diego. He is working in a drug lab, where he is producing methamphetamine. He meets an American named Knock. Knock tells Diego about a secret society of people called the Caboose Clan. He also explains that the head of the Caboose clan is named Pedro. Diego is asked to look into the drug dealing operation, which has been happening in City of God ever since it was created.

City of God is one of those movies that will make you notice the special effects even when you haven’t seen the movie. It will also make you interested to see what kind of movie they will be doing in the next one. City of God also stars Hector Elizondo, Benicio del Toro, Dan Aykroyd, and Sidney Poitier. City of God is just as entertaining today as it was back then.