THOR – The Marvel’s GOD of Lightning Thunder..

The History of the Hammer of Thor

Thor is a literary superhero appearing mostly in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, who is basically an alter ego of the Norse god of the exact same title, is an iconic super hero who fights villains like the Hulk, The wonderful Four and Spiderman. Thor is an arrogant god that represents the realm of the gods in the world. He can be portrayed as a blonde, muscular guy in his twenties to about his thirties, with a brief curved face, brown hair and a wicked temper.

Thor Birth

Thor was born in Urd property (house of the elves) and has been embraced by humanoids. Thor is a son of Mimir the Elf who had been a high priest of the realm of Asgard. Mimir fell in love with Thor’s sister, alty and proceeded to the faraway realms with them in hunt for her own son. He also left his baby daughter, Ulrich, alone with Thor and took the warrior’s identity as his own.

Thor is the father of twin sons named Odin and Frigus. He left his wife, the Lady of Urd, when they had been thrown from their ship during a battle while on a voyage back to Asgard. Thor used his abilities to force his brother back but was severely hurt. Thor was just able to survive for several decades later.

Thor is a strong and arrogant god who rules the realm of Asgard. He is also an artist, singer and painter although he prefers to stay aloof and mysterious by the public. Thor uses a hammer named Mjolnir which looks like a claw hammer that’s carved out of stone and is only reachable by swinging it .

Loki Changes THOR into a Cat or DOG

Thor may also change into a cat or dog, which he uses so as to communicate with individuals. He could also talk in full sentences and seems to have great control over his speech. Thor uses his abilities in arts and music and creates music together with his musical instrument known as the Hammer of Malice. His hammer can also be known as”The Hammer of Thor” and is his most well-known weapon.

Thor is a Part of the species known as the High Kings of the realm of Asgard. He wields a giant hammer named Mjollner which may crush almost anything solid. Thor has three sets of iron eyes in his forehead, which are thought to be his way of mentally calling his buddies to assist him. Additionally, Thor’s right eye is known as Eternity and has the power to crush reality . Thor can also generate a force field that functions as shields and obstacles from enemies. The force field protects the consumer from injury and can even turn back time.

Thor, like most of the characters from the Marvel comic book world, experienced a significant transformation when he had been turned into an orphan from the King of the Gods, Thor. He had been shot in by Jane Foster, a woman who had been raised as a fairy princess but finally became a loyal friend to Thor. Thor afterwards returned to prominence when he became the first candidate to join the ranks of the Avengers. Thor is featured as a supporting character in the blockbuster movie The Incredible Hulk.

Thor, like the hammer mentioned previously, can be found in the Marvel comic series of movies and also in the popular video games of that franchise. In the movie The Incredibles Thor is portrayed as working the Sceptre of hammer through remote control. Other notable characters from the Marvel comic book world include Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider and X-Men. Thor is also featured in many popular animations and TV series.